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Where To Buy Bicycle Parts And Accessories Online

A bunch of bicycle wheels on display.

Are you trying to outfit your bike to customize it more for your preferences? Maybe your bike is broken and you want to DIY it. While there are storefronts where you can purchase bicycle supplies, they may not have exactly what you’re looking for.

Small specialty bicycle shops may be able to acquire the parts you’re looking for, but it will cost you. Shopping online gives you a vast amount of options and can save you money as well.

In this post COVID world, you may want to shop without having to go into a store and worry about social distancing guidelines or coming into contact with other people. Shopping online makes it easy to avoid unnecessary contact with people.

Online shopping should be simple, but with all the options you may not be sure which retailers are the best to order from. To save you from having to explore all the corners of the web, we’ve compiled a list of the best online stores to find bicycle parts and accessories and a few tips on how to select an online store.

How Do I Pick An Online Store?

If you aren’t used to online shopping, you may be a little bit worried about placing an order on the internet. How can you be sure you’ll get what you ordered? What if you need to make a return? For online shopping novices, here are a few things to look for when deciding where to order bicycle parts or accessories online.

  • Shipping costs- These can add up and end up making your order overly expensive.
  • Return policy- An online store should offer a convenient return policy in case there is mix-up in the order.
  • Good product photos- These are important so you can get as good a view of the item as possible.
  • Clear product description- This is necessary so you know for certain you are ordering exactly what you were looking for.
  • User-friendly website- Clear menus, the ability to narrow your search, and a layout that makes things easy to find will help make your online shopping experience as easy as possible.
  • Customer reviews – These can give you a good idea of what to expect. Try to read a few so you can see if the same complaints crop up continuously. One or two bad reviews can be chalked up to a bad day, multiple poor reviews are a red flag.
  • Online support – Whether you have questions about your order, or need help finding a part, there should be a customer support system in place.
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Where To Buy Bicycle Parts and Accessories Online

Various bicycle parts and accessories on display at a store.


Nashbar was originally opened in 1974, by Arni Nashbar as a mail-order parts supplier. It became a recognized name in the U.S bicycle market. After a series of acquisitions, and shuttering of one of its facilities, it was purchased by a husband and wife team who have revived the brand and taken it back to its mail-order roots by building it into a thriving internet business.

Nashbar has a variety of parts and accessories. They carry everything from apparel to maintenance tools. The website is easy to navigate, so you will easily be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. The menu allows you to search by part number, allowing you to narrow your search. Best of all they have a rewards program for customers who spend over $500. To see it for yourself visit their site here.

Universal Cycles

If mountain or BMX biking are what you’re into, stop and take a gander at Universal Cycles. This Oregon based bicycle shop boasts several locations across the US, along with an extensive online shop. Operating since 1997, they carry a number of difficult to find specialty brands.

Universal Cycles offers free shipping to customers with orders of over $150. They also offer excellent customer service and can be contacted by phone through text message or email.

Their website offers weekly deals and coupon codes, so when shopping online you can still grab a bargain. Their website is easy to navigate, with a sidebar menu, so all their products are visible on the homepage. Though it may not be quite as curated as the webpages of some of the other shops listed, it is utilitarian and gets the job done If you have unique needs, this may be the bike shop for you. You can browse their webpage here.

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R&A Cycles

If you are looking for imports, then look no further than R&A cycles. They have been in operation since 1976, to help people acquire hard to find brands, and the internet has allowed them to expand their reach and make it possible for those who require parts or accessories for imported bicycles to find them with ease.

R&A has been using the internet since the beginning. They were the first cycling company to establish a mail-order website.

Along with parts such as frames and brake pads, for brands like Argon and Orbea, you can find bicycles designed and built exclusively by R&A.

The website is aesthetically appealing and makes you feel like you are getting a high-end experience. You are able to search by brand, or by part, the menu can be a little confusing, but if you know what you’re looking for, you won’t have a difficult time searching. If you need imported parts or want to find something truly one of a kind, visit their website.

Jenson USA

If you are shopping on a budget and need guidance to parts that are inexpensive, but still good quality, or if you are looking for a build kit, Jenson USA is the choice for you. They offer free shipping for orders over $60 and their return policy makes things simple if you ordered the wrong part. They also offer an advisor line to call if you are truly stumped and need to talk to a real person.

The website gives a user-friendly experience, with an easy to navigate the menu, with apparel, components, and accessories broken down into further subcategories so you can narrow down your search. With everything from lights, saddles, and helmets, Jenson USA is a one-stop-shop for bike accessories. You can visit them here.

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Colorado Cyclist

For the distance biker or Triathlete, Colorado-based Colorado Cyclist will meet your needs. They also offer mountain and gravel bikes and equipment. With products on offer such as factory or custom wheels and free shipping on orders over $100, they’re worth a browse for the series cyclist.

They offer a number of premium brands but do not have quite as many options as some of the other online shops listed. This can be good or bad depending on your needs. One caveat, this is definitely not the shop for a biker on a budget. Their products are premium and it shows in the prices. To see what they have to offer Click here.

Wheel World

As much as we’d like to, not all of us can easily drop $1200 for bike wheels. Wheel World recognizes this and has a number of mid-range offerings as well as the higher-end products offered by the other shops on this list.

There is a reason this shop has been in business since 1945. They carry a wide variety of parts and accessories and offer products that are more affordable to the cyclist on a budget. Their closeout section is a great place to search for bargains. They will also match Amazon prices.

Their website is easy to navigate. You can search by brand, or by part, or even by rating. To see what they have to offer, stop by their website here.

Merlin Cycles

This UK based Bicycle shop also has a US site. They have not strayed far from their roots, since they were started in 1997 as a mail order company. In addition to bicycle parts and accessories, you can also purchase indoor training bikes.

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They have special offers, with a percentage off of bike frames and apparel, and accept a number of payment methods, as well as providing financing. Their selection of frames and accessories will easily allow you to customize your own bike.

The homepage is a little cluttered, with their sales and special offers advertised upfront, but the user experience is still easy, and the site is easy to navigate. Remember to click the top of the home page to shift to the US site, or you will spend time converting the prices in pounds to dollars. Check them out at their website.

Bike Exchange

This Australian company, which has become the world’s largest bike exchange now has its headquarters in the US. From the most basic parts to the most obscure, if you need it, you can most likely find it on Bike Exchange.

The Bike Exchange business model, of being a large hub for people to buy and sell parts and accessories, means you can find thousands of brands, and possibly sell any parts you have been hanging on to. If you have any questions about a part you are interested in you can contact the seller for further information

In addition to a wide range of parts and accessories, Bike Exchange also offers an online concierge service, to answer your questions and help you find the bicycle or part that you need. Their menu makes things easy to find, and their hot deals are also listed on the home page. Take a look at what Bike Exchange is all about on their website.

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If you are in the market for a fold-up travel bike, CitizenBike has what you need. These bikes have become popular among those who enjoy riding to work but don’t have a place to store a bicycle, people who are thinking green, or who just like the portability of this unique bicycle.

If you have a Citizen Bike and are looking for parts and accessories, you will find them on their website. The website is easy to use and even has an app for the devoted Citizen Bike user. You can check out Citizen Bike and what they are all about here.

Peak Cycles (

The online presence of Peak Cycles which is located in Golden Colorado, has a large selection of parts available 55,000 according to their website. Drivetrain part, saddles, and even snacks to eat while out cycling, has a wide range of products available for the person who is trying to repair or customize their bike.

The product view on the website can be changed to suit user preference, for those who don’t like the tile view, and their menu is laid out in a way that makes it user friendly even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Their website includes a map that allows you to track the estimated delivery time of your order. Most orders ship within 48 hours. If you are into customization, then definitely check out the website.

Competitive Cyclist

In operation since 1996, this shop is meant for the truly experienced cyclist, who is well versed in bicycles and riding. They specialize in high-end brands, and their parts and accessories. Their associates, known as Gearheads are available to help online shoppers with any questions. The Gearheads are all bike enthusiasts, so they are knowledgeable, as well as ready to help with any customer questions.

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If you are a competitive rider, this is the type of online bike shop for you. Everything they sell is meant for those who are competitors with specific needs for their bicycles. They offer build kits, for those who are customizing their bike, as well as other parts and accessories. See what they are all about here.

Excel Sports

This shop has a little something for everyone. Excel Sports has been in the business since 1988. With one location in Colorado, they started as a mail-order business with the goal of being a one-stop-shop for all things bicycle-related. All of their operations are based out of their single location, even their storefront is part of their distribution center.

They sell parts and accessories, as well as the tools to work with them. They have a user-friendly website that makes finding what you are looking for a breeze.

Excel Sports offers 10% of your first purchase and has free shipping on orders over $100. They have a wide range of products that are suitable for beginners and experienced riders. You can take a look at them here.

Bicycle Warehouse

Originally known as Mountain Bike Warehouse, Bicycle Warehouse has a large inventory of products for mountain bikes, electric bikes, and more. Bicycle Warehouse is a small family run business with 7 locations in Southern California. They ship everywhere in the world and offer free shipping on purchases over $50.

The website is easy to navigate and organized so it is easy to find whatever it is you are looking for. If you want to support a family business or are from the San Diego and Temecula area and want to shop locally, give Bicycle Warehouse a look. You can browse their website here.

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Modern Bike

Modern Bike is a bicycle parts shop, with a huge selection. Located in Des Moines Iowa, they are a privately owned company that is well established and continuing to grow. You can search for parts by brand and the catalog like layout makes finding the right parts a breeze.

They offer free shipping on certain items and have a clearance section where you can score a great deal. Best of all they have the lowest price matching program to help you save even more. To browse the Modern Bike website, click here.

Trek Bikes

Wisconsin based Trek produces their own line of bicycles. Started by two friends in 1976 to make premium bicycles available stateside, Trek has turned into a highly respected brand, over which the son of one of the founders is still president.

Trek sells only Bontrager parts, which are part of the Trek brand. These parts are guaranteed some for 2 years and some for a lifetime. The Trek website is attractive and user friendly, and although they are limited in the scope of the brands they carry, they sell only high-quality products that they are willing to stand behind. You can read more about Trek and their family of brands here.

Other Places You Can Find Bicycle Parts & Accessories Online

A row of brand new bicycles for sale at a store.

There are thousands of online bicycle retailers. The ones mentioned here are all shops with notable reviews, many of them have been around for years, and know a thing or two about cycling. There are many other shops that are just as good, so don’t be afraid to go online and experiment. Just do your due diligence to ensure that you are making your purchases from a reputable shop.

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Are you in the market for the correct mountain biking apparel? Before you search one of these online shops, take a look at this guide to help you determine what you need.