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Jon Dykstra, publisher of and photos of his e-MTB and North Shore trail

Jon Dykstra here, publisher of this blog about bikes (with an emphasis on electric mountain bikes).

I live on the North Shore, north of Vancouver, BC.  The North Shore is one of the world’s most popular mountain biking destinations. There are hundreds of mountain biking trails spanning all levels from beginner to expert and everything in between.

We moved here in 2015. I quickly learned that mountain biking was a popular activity so decided to give it a shot.  The problem was I’m not big into biking up hills all the time which is a problem when mountain biking.  I’m talking long, steep inclines everywhere.  As if hills weren’t hard enough, you do it while navigating roots, rocks, logs and all the gnarly stuff that are super fun when ripping downhill but very difficult when climbing up.

That’s when I met a guy who runs a bike rental and retail shop.  He told me he uses an electric mountain bike. He let me give his e-MTB a try. I loved it. That, to me, was the way to hit the trails on a bike.

I ordered my Specialized Levo electric mountain bike (pictured above) from him that night and have been in the trails ever since.

This website goes beyond e-bikes and mountain biking but that is the focus generally.