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Should You Put a Kickstand on Your Mountain Bike? What About Kids Mountain Bike?

Mountain bike kickstand accessories.

Kickstands have been debated for decades, yet they remain popular on bikes. It’s an almost ubiquitous feature on bikes, but should you put a kickstand on your mountain bike? Mountain bikers argue that the kickstand can be a nuisance. But how come even riders who commute with mountain bikes still think using a kickstand is not cool?

If you’re part of this camp and find yourself avoiding bikes with kickstands, this article is for you.A mountain bike kickstand at the back tire.

Before I bought my kickstand, I used to think that they were not helpful. But, wait until I went to the store for groceries, and there was no rack available to pack my bike. That’s when I fell in love with kickstands.

Should You Put a Kickstand on Your Mountain Bike?

Yes. You can add a kickstand to your mountain bike. However, this depends on the type of rider you are. Also, the kickstand on your mountain bike will purely depend on personal choice. For hilly terrain riders, the stand may be unnecessary. A kickstand can easily cause accidents due to the rough terrain. But, if you use a mountain bike to commute to work or school or ride for leisure across town, then a kickstand is essential. In addition, it will be helpful when parking your ride if there are no bicycle racks available.

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Should You Put a Kickstand on Your Kid’s Mountain Bike?

Kids mostly ride their bikes on pavements or flat surfaces. So having one on their bike can come in handy when your child wants to park their bike. Additionally, you can put an adjustable kickstand depending on where the kids are riding their bicycles.

For example, having a kickstand when riding a bike in the woods is unnecessary, since they can put their bikes on the ground. But they will need a kickstand for areas that do not allow bikes to be parked on the ground. An adjustable kickstand is efficient since it will enable you to adjust it depending on your kid’s height for convenient riding. Cyfie Bike Kickstand for 16 18 20 Inch Kids Bicycle Adjustable Center Mount Bicycle Kickstands Bike Stand for 16-20inch Mountain Bike/Road Bicycle/Adult Bike/Sports Bike

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Kickstand on Your Mountain Bike

Having a kickstand on your mountain bike has its perks and downsizes. The perks mostly favor bike commuters.A bike on a seashore, with a stand and helmet.

Advantages of Kickstands on Mountain Bikes

  • Kickstands are convenient: Having a kickstand all the time means that you don’t have to look for a wall or place to park your bike.
  • Helps store bikes in an orderly manner: A kickstand makes it easier to store your bikes in your garage or shed, even with limited space.
  • Makes repairs and cleaning easy: You can use the kickstand to support your bike when doing some repairs or simple maintenance tasks like lubricating the pedals. Also, a kickstand is useful when cleaning your bicycle.

Disadvantages of Kickstands on Mountain bikes

  • It adds extra: Mountain bikes are designed to be light. So adding a kickstand to the cycle leads to additional weight, which can interfere with a rider’s performance. 
  • They can easily cause accidents: Kickstands can easily cause accidents, especially on uneven surfaces such as rocky and hilly terrains. The stand may become loose and get caught up by root or hit a rock. This can lead to a crash that can cause injuries.
  • A kickstand can damage your bike: A mountain bike is made with light material, which a kickstand can easily damage if the bike falls. The damage can be on the derailleur chain or cause some scraping to your bike paint.
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5 Tips to Choosing the Best Kickstand for Your Mountain Bike

2 man on a bike shop trying to purchase a bike.

I love going for my groceries or visiting friends on my bike. The kickstand is always there to save me if there are no racks to put my bike on. So getting one is a good choice for you. If you and your child enjoy riding bikes across town while making regular stops, here are some tips for selecting the best kickstand.

1. Get the Right Size

The incorrect kickstand can cause instability to your bike when you pack it. This can cause your bike to fall. So if you choose a standard kickstand, ensure you take your measurements correctly.

2. Choose Double-legged over the one-legged kickstand

Double-legged over the one-legged kickstand.Two are better than one. But, of course, this saying also applies to stands. For example, a double-legged kickstand offers more stability than a one-legged one. They are also helpful if you’re carrying something on the seat by making your bike stay straight when it’s parked. 

3. Check the weight of the kickstand

You don’t want the unnecessary weight to weigh your riding down, even if you’re doing it for leisure. So go for lightweight kickstands. 

4. Go for an adjustable kickstand

How you park your bike using a kickstand defines the bike’s stability. An adjustable kickstand helps you adjust the kickstand length depending on the ground level.

5. Buy durable material

When buying a kickstand for your mountain bike, choose one that is sturdy with a good design that will support the weight of your bike. High-quality materials such as aluminum and steel are best for durability.

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What are Kickstand Alternatives for Mountain Bikes

The upstand is an excellent alternative to a kickstand. It has a modern design that is fully detachable. An upstand is attached to a metal tab near the release lever using a magnet. It has a carbon fiber tube that makes it super light. The best part is that you can quickly detach the upstand and put it in your backpack.

Also, a click-stand is another good alternative. It’s made of aluminum tubing and supports your bike center of gravity. It is long and connects underneath the top tube on your bike. It comes in two models; maxi and mini.Kickstand Alternatives for Mountain Bikes.

You can also choose between three-segment versions, i.e., four, five, and six segments, depending on the size of the click-stand after folding. A click-stand supports all bike types, including loaded touring bicycles.

Final Thoughts on Putting a Kickstand on a Mountain Bike

A father helping his child to bike.

Kickstands boil down to choice. The kickstand is a big no for mountain bikes utilized for performance riding or mountain bikers. Also, if your mountain bike is for commuting or recreation only, you can choose not to use a kickstand if you don’t mind some scratches.

On the other hand, your kid’s mountain bike needs a kickstand, especially if their bike doesn’t have balancing wheels. They will help with easy parking, storage, and bike protection against scratches. Consider the adjustable ones, you’ll thank me later!