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Welcome to the Niche Site Case Study Courtesy of Fat Stacks

If you’re here, chances are you arrived via Fat Stacks.

This site is published by Jon Dykstra who also publishes is a case study niche site I’m building so that Fat Stacks readers can see a real-life site example.

I put together this 6-part over-the-shoulder video series on how I set this site up (hosting, theme, plugin, etc.).

This site is very, very similar to all my other niche sites.  In fact other than the niche, I set up all niche sites the same so this is a good representation of my portfolio of niche sites.

Why the cycling niche?

Answer: I enjoy cycling; mountain biking primarily.  I own an electric mountain bike and love riding it.  I live on the North Shore just outside of Vancouver BC which has some of the best mountain biking in the world.  I never cycled much until moving to the North Shore.  Most people we know mountain bike – it’s like surfing if you live in Southern California.

My kids are into biking as well and given the terrain I spend time talking to other dads and local bike shops about bikes for kids along with all the accessories and gear for kids.

I have an in-house writer who is road cyclist as well so between the two of us and cycling enthusiast writers on WriterAccess, the content around here should be good.

My aim is to grow this site just as any other niche site.  I expect slow growth in the first year or two.

Monetization:  I’ll monetize with display ads and affiliate marketing.  I may incorporate an email newsletter just because I think this niche may lend itself to one given cycling is akin to a hobby niche with ongoing interest.

I hope this niche site case study proves helpful for you if starting out.