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My BOVON Bicycle Phone Mount Review – Does it work?


BOVON Bike phone mount on electric mountain bike

Without a doubt, a phone mount is now a necessary cycling accessory, whether you ride on the road or trail.

And it’s not so you can text and ride unless you have a desire to face plant into a bus.

If you listen to music while riding, use various health apps and/or cycling apps such as Trailforks for maps, mounting your phone is TEN TIMES BETTER than having to fish it out of your pocket or use it while strapped to your arm.

For far too long I went without a phone mount.  I can’t believe I didn’t bother.  For the money (they’re very inexpensive), they provide an insane amount of value and enhanced cycling experiences.

Pre-phone mount, I’d constantly have to stop, fish my phone out of my pocket to check trail maps to see where in the world I was.

Now I keep motoring on while watching my progress in real-time on my map.  I can also control music and read emails from happy readers of this site.

So many phone mount options

BOVON phone bike mount photo

There are a ton to choose from.

I’ve not tried them all.

However, the stretchy type that I do own appealed to me the most just because it easily accommodates different phone sizes doesn’t scratch the phone, its dead-simple to install – all-in-all the stretchy spider style seemed to be the best option for me.

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I was right.

Specifically, I bought the BOVON bicycle phone mount.

I’m sure glad I did because it works perfectly.

Here’s my review.

Accommodates all phone sizes

BOVON phone bike mount viewed from the rear.  Notice the strap – it is essentially a wristwatch strap design.

This is important to me because I upgrade phones regularly so it needs to accommodate different sizes.  The BOVON snugly holds small smartphones but stretches sufficiently to hold large screens as well. I have an iPhone 8 plus which is huge in the smartphone world and as you can see in my photo above and below, it holds it just fine.

No tools needed – attaches and removes like a wristwatch

This thing attaches to handlebars just like putting on a wristwatch.  I’m not kidding.  The strap is stretchy rubber that you pull snug and attach the appropriate hole to the plastic peg. Anyone can do this.

It’s both easy to attach and remove so you can take it with you on any bike or other wheeled contraptions such as a shopping cart (keep your shopping list in view at all times), strollers, scooters, etc.

Any handlebar width

Whether you have a skinny or thick handlebar, the strap accommodates them all just as a wristwatch band does.

Moreover, it also attaches securely to tapering handlebars due to the soft, malleable strap.  In fact, my bike has tapered handlebars and it attaches very well.

Rotates 360 degrees

BOVON phone mount close-up photo

The strap component rotates 360 degrees.

I love this feature. Sometimes you need the screen to be vertically oriented and other times horizontal.  You can twist or rotate your phone very easily.  As you rotate, it clicks into place so that it stays in your desired orientation.

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Soft rubber – no phone damage

Unless you wipe out and your phone gets dragged on the concrete for 10 feet, this phone mount won’t scratch your phone because the portion that secures your phone is soft, stretchy rubber.  Some mounts are hard plastic that you use twist and adjust to secure your phone – that’s not my style.  I prefer the simplicity and non-damaging aspect of the BOVON.

Does the phone stay in place when tapping buttons while riding?

Yes, it does.  It’s surprisingly secure on your bike.  There’s a rubber grip on the inside of the strap that secures it to the handlebar so it doesn’t slip while you use it.

Can you strap it to your arm or wrist?

No.  It’s not designed to double as a wrist or arm mount.  You’ll need a different product for that specifically designed to attached phones to your arm.

Does it work with a folding phone wallet case?

I have a wallet case for my phone so I can carry cards, cash, etc. avoiding the need to also carry a wallet. However, this phone mount does not accommodate a folding wallet phone case.  I remove my phone from the case.

That said, if you have a simpler phone case, this mount will accommodate that.

Does it lock your phone on your bike?

No, the BOVON phone mount does not lock your phone to the bike.  In other words, don’t leave your phone mounted on your bike unattended.  Someone can rip off your phone in seconds.

Am I happy with this phone mount?

You bet I am. It’s inexpensive, easy-to-use and most importantly, it works.

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