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15 Apps Similar to Trailforks

Trailforks app on mobile screen.

My favorite three apps that are similar to Trailforks are Gaia, FATMAP, and the Hiking project. Trailforks is a database of local trails for biking, walks, and general adventure. The app provides curated content by linking users and local contributors who work together to create and approve 300 000 miles of new trails.

Users can access Trailforks as a free download on the popular stores for apps. However, they will subsequently need a subscription purchase to use its extensive features at the end of the trial period. There is an option on the platform where users also contribute through suggestions and curated content that adds to the existing trails, paths, and other available features.

The app is available as a download on the Google and IOS stores.

MTB Project

MTB Project homepage

MTB Project is a comprehensive guide on trails, especially for riding and hiking. The app is thorough, with over 77,000 miles of trails provided and approved by the locals. MTB Project is easy to use because it works offline by downloading and using seamlessly, even when there is no coverage.

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The app is similar to Trailforks because trails on its platform are developed and approved by local contributors and curators. Users can download the application on their devices for free from Google and IOS stores. However, they will have to pay for a subscription to access premium features and addon options within its platform.

FATMAP: Hike, Bike, Ski Trails – 3D Outdoor Maps

FATMAP homepage

FATMAP is a 3D outdoor map with real-time information and an opportunity to record and relive their adventures in real-time. FATMAP is free for download by users, but the advanced features on navigation are subsequently available on a subscription basis. The app also offers advanced terrain analysis and effective tools for slope, elevation, and other elements that allow users to explore the outdoor environment.

FATMAP is similar to Trailfork as it enables users to explore the outdoor trails and footpaths that are inspired and created through community contributions. Users can find and download the app to their devices on both Google and IOS.

3D map – hike, climbe & bike tours – GPS Navi

3D map homepage

3D map is a navigation application with over 5,000 hiking, biking, and mountain tours. Its platform includes descriptions and other information regarding the specific navigation routes, paths, and trails. 3D Maps is free to download, but users have to pay for a subscription to access other detailed features on its platform.

Its features include comprehensive coverage and an option to choose between summer and winter seasons for a more real-time experience of weather and terrain. 3D maps are similar to Trailforks in the way it incorporates roads and trails as the primary options available within the app.

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There are aerial and topographical views with a full navigation feature that is easily compatible with smartphone devices. Users can access the site on Google and IOS.

Relief Maps – 3D GPS Hiking | Trail Running | Ski

Relief Maps homepage

Relief maps are ideal for browsing and exploring roads and trails in 3D from smartphones or other handheld devices. It offers extensive options for hiking, trail running, and skiing, among other adventure activities. The users can access the app for free on both Google and IOS stores.

However, they also need to pay for subscription services to use the detailed features in the app. The App also has a GPX export option, track recording, analytical, and statistical performance. Relief Maps is similar to Trailforks as both apps help the navigation of roads and trails as the primary utility on their platforms.

Outdooractive: Hiking & Biking Trails, GPS & Maps

Outdooractive homepage

Outdooractive is a perfect companion for hiking, mountaineering, cycling, and other similar outdoor activities. The app has different features, such as a global trail database with details on elevation profiles, photos, and directions across different trails and paths. There is an outdoor route planner and an option to record your tracks during the adventure activities.

Additionally, other addon options include challenges, trivia, and complementary devices or gadgets that include smartwatches for the users. The app is similar to Trailforks as both feature a trail directory and a global outdoor experience that is open to their users. The app is free for download, but users have to subscribe to access the different features and use options within its platform.

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Users can access the app on both Google and IOS from their devices.

Hiking Project

Hiking Project homepage

The hiking project has more than 74,000 miles of trail for crew navigation and hiking experience. The app has a detailed printed map with a GPS route with an elevation profile and numerous interactive features that are available to users on its platform. You can access exact locations and navigations on the application.

Users can also access and use the app offline by downloading the trails to their devices. Hiking Project is similar to Trailforks because they both feature trails as the primary option on their interfaces. Hiking Project is easy to navigate and use for hiking and other extended features on the adventure trail. Users can access the app for free on Google and IOS stores.

Gaia GPS: Hiking, Off-road Maps

Gaia GPS homepage

Gaia is one of the popular GPS maps apps featured in publications such as the New York Times. Its platform has hiking, hunting, camping, skiing, and a range of other backpack and backroad experiences. The app’s outdoor and trail run experiences are exceptional, with a comprehensive output of topographical maps, layers, and up-to-date weather forecasts features.

Users can also access intelligent routing tools that can measure altitude, elevation, and distance, all from the comfort of the app. Gaia is similar to Traiforks because it features community contributions and reviews to fill its trail database. Users can access and use the app on both Google and IOS stores. However, you will need to pay for a subscription to access and use the extended features on the platform.

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Powder Project

Powder Project homepage

Powder Project is a comprehensive guide to the best ski lines. The app includes all the requisite information that the user may need, including photos, elevation profiles, and a completely interactive experience where the user can explore the available options and access high-resolution images on the topography and trail.

The app and its GPS systems run on sync and can operate seamlessly in the background by feeding users the required information and simultaneously optimizing battery life. The app is similar to Trailforks because it provides information on topographic trails and maps to navigate seamlessly and effectively. The app is available on both Google and IOS for free download and utility access to its users.

TrailLink: Trail Maps & Trail Guide – Walk & Bike

TrailLink homepage

TrailLink has over 40 000 miles of high-quality and well-curated path navigation that users can access and use across the country. The trails are open for discovery and use for cycling, jogging, normal walking and workouts, and many similar activities. The app features a complete and detailed description with photos and reviews that comprehensively guide users and offer much-needed knowledge on the trails.

TraiLink is similar to Trailforks as it provides detailed information on trails. Additionally, its platform is also available for community review that enhances its coverage and optimizes usage. The app is free for download on Google and IOS. However, it also incorporates other options for in-app purchases and subscriptions to access and utilize these features.


MyTrails homepage

My Trails is the perfect app for hiking, cycling, skiing, and riding. Its platform has a built-in GPS and compass that tells you exactly where you are going with unobtrusive controls and an uncluttered area. The app also works well with hardware acceleration that enhancing performance and tracking on the platform.

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The utilities on the platform include graphs, free online maps, and an offline option. It is easy and possible to navigate using the application with gestures that control altitude and speed. MyTrails is similar to Trailforks by featuring an entire repository of trails and navigation options.

Users can find MyTrail for free to download with a range of in-app purchases that are only available upon subscription. Users can have fun and navigate on the platform by accessing this application on Google and IOS store.

Hiiker: Long-Distance Hiking Trails

Hiiker homepage

Hiiker offers a detailed platform for long-distance trails that are perfect for hiking and other long-distance adventures. There are long-distance trails that are perfect for multiday adventures and excursions. Additionally, the trails on the app are also perfectly suited for discovery. Subsequently, users find this and other extended options on the site.

Someone interested and knowledgeable enough can access its tools and facilities for everyday use. Hiiker is similar to Trailforks because it features trails that users can explore on the platform. There are several popular routes and trails that one would choose for their initial adventure. The app is available for subscription and use on both Google and IOS stores.

Trail Run Project

Trail Run Project homepage

Trail Run Project is a guidebook with over 74,000 miles of track and suggestions that users can explore. The app has numerous interactive features that include exact locations, downloaded trails, and high-resolution photos that provide the perfect topographical features. The user can also access sync, check-ins, and to-do list, among other components within the range of available options on the platform.

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Trail Run is similar to Trailforks as they both feature extensive trails and options of navigation on their respective platforms. Users can access and use the app for free on Google and IOS stores.

Trail Connect

Trail Connect

Trail Connect is specifically designed for trail running and related features. There are various addons such as Trace de Trail, GPX files export, activating emergency configurations, checking the weather, and sharing these details with family and friends through SMS. The application platform is also linked seamlessly with GPS and campus for easy navigation, significantly enhancing its battery life.

Trail Connect is similar to Trailforks as both include trails as the primary option on their respective platforms. Users can access the app on Google and IOS.

SityTrail hiking trail GPS offline IGN topo maps

SityTrail homepage

SityTrail is a full hiking app with GPS that is equipped with geo-localized features. A full range of tech options can measure and keep track of travel distance, altimeter, automatic trigger, an online editor, and a personalized trail feature. Users can create a free account and access the utilities that are available on the platform.

SityTrail similar to Trailforks because it incorporates paths and geo-localized features on both of their service platforms. The users can access the services on the app through free membership and an upgrade to premium to access the full range of options. SityTrail is available for download and uses on Google and IOS.

OpenRunner – GPS

OpenRunner homepage

The OpenRunner is a practical guide for biking, hiking, running, and trail walking. The application has a platform that is a complete partner for a broad range of outdoor activities. It is equipped with a GPS that can locate and visualize the whole range of activities and functions that offer a real-time position on the platform.

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There are programmed routes and numerous functionalities that are available on its platform. Users can also download topographic maps and work offline using the features on the app to find helpful information, such as the state of these roads and tracks. OpenRunner is similar to Trailforks as both apps have trails and paths as their main functionality. Users can access the app for download and use on Google and IOS stores.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the popular uses for this app?

You can download and use the app to navigate paths and trails that are not ordinarily available because they lack official naming and routing.

Why should I choose this app?

You will find the application platform handy in hiking, walking, biking, and other adventure activities.

Do I need a connection to navigate the application platform?

You will need a connection to download and install the app. However, you can proceed and download the maps on desired trails for offline navigation.

Where can I find this application for my device?

You can download the application on your enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, from Google and IOS stores.

What can I expect with access and usage on this app’s platform?

The user can expect a range of optimized options and an opportunity to share and contribute to the content generation on the site.